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Ignite business-technology transformations to maximize client return

Banks and financial institutions must continue to innovative IT strategy to thrive despite the challenges in today's digital environment. Cybercrimes, including fraud and money laundering, continue to increase in sophistication. Data silos, along with the difficulty in integrating data, continue to be a challenge for most banks. In addition, the rise of social networking impacts customer satisfaction and growth. Because of this, the customer experience is shaped from initial contact, and client onboarding is now a priority for most financial institutions.

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Online Banking: Meeting Customers Where They Are

Automation means increased convenience, mobility, and lower prices and fees for customers. The digital disruption we are witnessing today has changed the business landscape for industries across the board, and banks are no exception. Banks must build digital ecosystems to serve customers better and ensure a premium banking experience. Banks can accelerate organic growth and increase customer loyalty while meeting customer expectations with the right digital strategy and partner.

NIIT Technologies has extensive experience in working through business-technology transformations with large to mid-size banks, wealth management firms, hedge funds, broker dealers and other financial institutions. With our strong capabilities in technology and business transformation in the financial services sector, NIIT Technologies provides personalized attention and solutions. We develop innovative IT strategies to maximize revenue, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

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Webinar: How Banks Can Personalize Their Customer’s
Journey Using Data They Already Have

In this webinar speaker, Pratibha Salwan, Senior Vice President of NIIT Technologies digital practice, utilizes specific use cases to explain the indispensable need for personalization in the financial services industry.

The three key things you'll learn about in this webinar:

  1. Leveraging digital analytics to provide key consumer insights in real time
  2. Utilizing personalization to proactively deliver offers for services at the correct time throughout a customer's journey
  3. The invaluable relationship between personalization and marketing and how this can revolutionize your sales results
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We specialize in providing services specifically for these segments:

Asset Management Investment Management Retail Banking

Why Partner with NIIT Technologies?

  • Maximize revenue, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency
  • Help clients secure more customers and maximize client return
  • Combined two major annual releases into a single release for a regional bank, reducing overall effort by 40%
  • Reduced a bank's loss exposure by $500,000 annually by implementing an anti-money laundering (AML) solution

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