Smart Document Processing in 4 Simple Steps

Whether you’ve been using a BPM tool for 5+ years or just starting out, you’ve probably heard about “unstructured data”. Coforge has long been a leader in content extraction, and with our newly integrated headless CMS solution, we believe we’ve solved your Content Extraction and Content Generation. Here’s how in 4 steps:

  1. Extract Tables: When you think of extracting data from documents, what is the first example you think of? For us it was retyping tables from a PO or fund history from a prospectus. With that in mind we ensured that our Smart Extraction was ready to go for Tables from day one. Quickly extract multiple tables, map their columns and send them to your structured data warehouses.
  2. Attended and Unattended Options: How comfortable are you with AI and Machine Learning? We get that answer may vary and that’s why we have two compelling options. Unattended, which runs like your standard content extraction, only prompting user intervention when the system isn’t confident. And Attended where the users are always looking at the document, but the key fields are pre-mapped and highlighted in the document. This provides the time savings of AI coupled with the quality assurance of human verification.

There’s a second side to unstructured data that’s often ignored. That you, yes you, also create it! Whether it’s a fund report, a regulatory filing, a purchase order or product information sheet our Smart Document Processing also focuses on that second side: Content Generation.

  1. Generate Rich Content: With our Headless CMS offering, you can quickly turn your structured data into publishable content available on any form factor. Easy to use online editor and collaboration tool lets you quickly transform your data into reusable charts and graphs, and also providing a place to collaborate on the people driven context.
  2. Scheduled Updates and Automation: Combine headless CMS with Appian for one click Regulatory filings. Scheduled refreshes of Product documentation or disclosure information. Provide your business with a consolidated and feature rich toolset to manage the publishing of information outside of your organization.

Every application has some goal it’s trying to accomplish, from onboarding a new customer to managing a rollout of a new product. Along those journey’s you’ll find yourself looking at both sides of the content coin. Extraction and Generation. With Coforge fully integrated Smart Document Processing, you won’t have to choose a side.

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