Applying the new & emerging to drive and execute enterprise transformation

Over the last 25 years, we’ve delivered exceptional services and solutions to our Financial Services customers. Operating at the intersect of domain and new & emerging technologies, we help our clients to adapt, scale and get ready for what’s next. Our full spectrum of digital, analytics, automation and enterprise cloud services can help you to stay ahead of your competition.

We deliver holistic services covering the entire value chain of Asset and Wealth management. Our strong team of domain specialists and technology practitioners work with leading wealth & asset management firms, RIAs, family offices, private banks, platform providers and ecosystem partners to build, maintain and run robust enterprise solutions.

Our team of Banking consultants and technology practitioners work as change agents with large global & high street banks, marquee central banks, government financial agencies and innovative fintech companies across the globe to drive and implement digital transformation.

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Asset & Wealth Management+
Asset & Wealth Management

Putting digital at the core of investment management processes

Coforge provides end-to-end consulting-led Technology and BPO services covering the entire value chain of Asset and Wealth management industry. We have a 1000+ strong team of domain specialists and technology practitioners that work with leading wealth management firms, RIAs, family offices, private banks, asset management firms and platform providers to build robust enterprise solutions. We help our clients in many ways; from building & enhancing robo-advising and fractional investing products for retail customers, reimaging digital user experience, defining automated testing strategy aligned to product roadmap, managing enterprise data, improving asset management operations through smart automation, modernizing legacy platforms to implementing and migrating to new platform. We leverage our deep industry experience and broad range of capabilities and synergies across our entire business to deliver end-to-end solutions for leading wealth management firms and develop client-ready tools using new digital technologies, making investment professionals and RMs more effective in their roles.


Building innovative solutions for the future of banking

Amid a digital revolution, the banking industry is fighting hard to sustain a rapidly changing landscape of technology, competitors, regulations, and incumbents.

To stay competitive, your bank needs to focus on:

  • Core system modernization
  • Cloud-native banking strategies
  • Enterprise-wide AI strategy for a customer-first organization
  • Harnessing the potential of data

Coforge delivers on the promise of powerful agile banking practices – optimizing your processes for speed, agility, and efficiency. Across the globe, our team of Banking Technology consultants' partner with leading high street banks, marquee central banks, government agencies, and innovative fintech companies to help them navigate the modern digital economy with winning technology strategies.

Transforming Enterprises
Business Agility and Simplification+
Business Agility and Simplification

Enterprise Agility for financial adaptiveness and stability

Financial institutions are stuck in legacy business models with their operations sluggish to adapt. While they have experimented, the new ideas haven't scaled to alter the core business - leading to operation struggles during disruptions or changes in the market. To be agile means to be responsive to market forces and opportunities.

Coforge enables the transformation of processes by:

  • Simplifying the architecture landscape
  • Aligning it at business/application/information technology levels
  • Ensuring continuous delivery of business value from development teams into production by leveraging DevOps, decommissioning legacy and duplicate applications, and integrating them with enterprise systems via agile and pluggable integration mechanisms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)+
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automating Back-office operations through RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is gaining attraction in the financial services industry with its ability to drive cost-effectiveness and reduce manual effort, which in turn helps the business focus on creating exponential value for the customers. Banks are increasingly adopting RPA to become agile, competitive and profitable.

Our RPA delivery framework, combined with cognitive technologies, enables organizations to:

  • Create a fast, accurate, cost-effective, and round-the-clock virtual workforce
  • Attain operational excellence. 
  • Create intelligent operations that accelerate productivity
  • Stay compliant and minimize cost – letting you focus on your customers.

Business Process Services+
Business Process Services

Digitize your business processes from front to back

The Banking and Financial Services industry is experiencing a radical change driven by competition from FinTechs, evolving business models, increasing regulation and compliance pressures, and new disruptive technologies. Our business process services help organizations navigate the complex business landscape and build a truly cognitive enterprise. We combine design-thinking principles, lean methods, digital analytics, and emerging technologies to create future-ready solutions that:

  • Enhance enterprise mobility
  • Transform business landscape 
  • Create intelligent workflows 

Quality Engineering+
Quality Engineering

End-to-end Quality Engineering in Financial Services

The Banking & Financials industry is changing drastically. To keep pace with the rampant digital disruption and radical change, financial institutions must increase their focus on digital quality assurance that results in a superior end-user experience.

Backed by years of BFS experience, proven tools, and accelerators, Coforge focuses on improving:

  • Quality of service
  • Testing requirements with our testing value proposition canvas
  • Transformation experience to emerging technologies

Cloud Services+
Cloud Services

Accelerating growth and delivery with cloud

The banking and Financial industries are turning to the cloud for its flexibility and scalability. Cloud comes with the potential to disrupt business and IT together. It has become necessary for enterprises to have a comprehensive cloud strategy. 

  • Integrate different layers of Data, Infrastructure, and Applications
  • Use proven templates for design, implementation, and management
  • Ease your cloud transformation journey
  • Outcome-based managed service model

Platform Modernization+
Platform Modernization

Sustaining adaptability of financial services

In a digital world, banking platforms must be more collaborative, open-banking enabled, integrate with third-party services, and other stakeholders. Attaining this future-ready system takes more than simple automation of operations. With over 20 years of experience, Coforge serves a global clientele, providing cost-effective and reliable assessment, platform refactoring, migration, re-engineering and rationalization services. Our management processes include:

  • Resource optimization
  • Continuous improvement framework
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Outcome-based managed service model

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