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With the emergence of new digital economy, it is imperative for financial institutions to keep pace. At Coforge, we provide industry – specific services and solutions that solve real-world business problems. Operating at the intersect of emerging  technologies, we drive collaborative transformations across Retail and Corporate Banking, and Asset and Wealth Management for larger, established players as well as Fintechs.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve delivered exceptional services and solutions for financial firms. Our network of experts, financial technology providers, digital labs, and COEs aid the development of unique solutions for your organizational needs.

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Asset & Wealth Management+
Asset & Wealth Management

Leveraging intelligent solutions for greater wealth management

Traditional wealth management has relied on one-to-one, product driven advice. With the volume of invested assets increasing, traditional advisors can’t keep up. The need of the hour is for innovative and efficient solutions that can ensure proficiency, enable expert portfolio construction, and provide comprehensive risk management for the re-imagined industry.

Backed by 25+ years of industry experience, we deliver sustainable and profitable business models. Our asset management professionals and technology practitioners are supported by:

  • A global workforce of AI, data, analytics, cloud, security, talent and operations specialists
  • RIAs, family offices, private banks, asset management firms 
  • Platform providers to build robust enterprise solutions


Building innovative solutions for the future of banking

Amid a digital revolution, the banking industry is fighting hard to sustain a rapidly changing landscape of technology, competitors, regulations, and incumbents.

To stay competitive, your bank needs to focus on:

  • Core system modernization
  • Cloud-native banking strategies
  • Enterprise-wide AI strategy for a customer-first organization
  • Harnessing the potential of data

Coforge delivers on the promise of powerful agile banking practices – optimizing your processes for speed, agility, and efficiency. Across the globe, our team of Banking Technology consultants' partner with leading high street banks, marquee central banks, government agencies, and innovative fintech companies to help them navigate the modern digital economy with winning technology strategies.

Transforming Enterprises
Business Agility and Simplification+
Business Agility and Simplification

Enterprise Agility for financial adaptiveness and stability

Financial institutions are stuck in legacy business models with their operations sluggish to adapt. While they have experimented, the new ideas haven't scaled to alter the core business - leading to operation struggles during disruptions or changes in the market. To be agile means to be responsive to market forces and opportunities.

Coforge enables the transformation of processes by:

  • Simplifying the architecture landscape
  • Aligning it at business/application/information technology levels
  • Ensuring continuous delivery of business value from development teams into production by leveraging DevOps, decommissioning legacy and duplicate applications, and integrating them with enterprise systems via agile and pluggable integration mechanisms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)+
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automating Back-office operations through RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is gaining attraction in the financial services industry with its ability to drive cost-effectiveness and reduce manual effort, which in turn helps the business focus on creating exponential value for the customers. Banks are increasingly adopting RPA to become agile, competitive and profitable.

Our RPA delivery framework, combined with cognitive technologies, enables organizations to:

  • Create a fast, accurate, cost-effective, and round-the-clock virtual workforce
  • Attain operational excellence. 
  • Create intelligent operations that accelerate productivity
  • Stay compliant and minimize cost – letting you focus on your customers.

Business Process Services+
Business Process Services

Digitize your business processes from front to back

The Banking and Financial Services industry is experiencing a radical change driven by competition from FinTechs, evolving business models, increasing regulation and compliance pressures, and new disruptive technologies. Our business process services help organizations navigate the complex business landscape and build a truly cognitive enterprise. We combine design-thinking principles, lean methods, digital analytics, and emerging technologies to create future-ready solutions that:

  • Enhance enterprise mobility
  • Transform business landscape 
  • Create intelligent workflows 

Quality Engineering+
Quality Engineering

End-to-end Quality Engineering in Financial Services

The Banking & Financials industry is changing drastically. To keep pace with the rampant digital disruption and radical change, financial institutions must increase their focus on digital quality assurance that results in a superior end-user experience.

Backed by years of BFS experience, proven tools, and accelerators, Coforge focuses on improving:

  • Quality of service
  • Testing requirements with our testing value proposition canvas
  • Transformation experience to emerging technologies

Cloud Services+
Cloud Services

Accelerating growth and delivery with cloud

The banking and Financial industries are turning to the cloud for its flexibility and scalability. Cloud comes with the potential to disrupt business and IT together. It has become necessary for enterprises to have a comprehensive cloud strategy. 

  • Integrate different layers of Data, Infrastructure, and Applications
  • Use proven templates for design, implementation, and management
  • Ease your cloud transformation journey
  • Outcome-based managed service model

Platform Modernization+
Platform Modernization

Sustaining adaptability of financial services

In a digital world, banking platforms must be more collaborative, open-banking enabled, integrate with third-party services, and other stakeholders. Attaining this future-ready system takes more than simple automation of operations. With over 20 years of experience, Coforge serves a global clientele, providing cost-effective and reliable assessment, platform refactoring, migration, re-engineering and rationalization services. Our management processes include:

  • Resource optimization
  • Continuous improvement framework
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Outcome-based managed service model

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Intelligent Client Onboarding+
Intelligent Client Onboarding

Seamless Customer Onboarding for FIs through iCOB

Financial institutions often face issues with customer onboarding. The current system is a lengthy paper-based, error-prone, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive process wherein organizations struggle to keep up with day-to-day operations.

Our solution? iCOB – an intelligent client onboarding software that transforms onboarding experience. A combination of our deep domain and technology expertise, iCOB helps your organization deliver a consistent, intuitive, and omnichannel experience. iCOB brings in:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Transparency and effective communication
  • Data quality at every step

Zero Touch Experience+
Zero Touch Experience

Enhancing Advisor Productivity with Digital Assistance

The new generation investors and financial advisors are tech-savvy individuals that expect efficient solutions for managing their wealth assets. 

With Coforge’s zero-touch digital assistance, investment advisors can create and maintain wealth management assets (portfolios, data analysis and much more) with minimal effort. The highly-interactive interface:

  • Automates standard operations
  • Employs easy-to-use conversational workflows
  • Provides cross-platform support
  • Frees up the advisor’s time to build better customer relationships.

Bank-on-the-Cloud (BankingEasy)+
Bank-on-the-Cloud (BankingEasy)

Abridge cost of ownership  with  BankingEasy

The banking industry is looking to the cloud as a key driver in its strategic decision-making process. Cloud is enabling business agility, operational efficiency, and business growth with the rapid development of on-demand products and services. 

Coforge introduces, BankingEasy – a cloud-based solution for small to mid-sized banks. BankingEasy allows banks to:

  • Reduce upfront IT infrastructure costs
  • Accelerate digital innovation
  • Integrate cloud with core business functions

Intelligent Automation+
Intelligent Automation

Maximize Operational Efficiency in Front, Middle and Back Office

To transform your business into a smart enterprise, you need to have successful end-to-end automation. To achieve this, banks and financial institutions should look to emerging technologies of AI, ML, machine vision – going beyond simple automation. 

Our solutions bridge the gaps of automation for the front, middle, and back-office functions.

Business Process Management+
Business Process Management

Digitize process through BPM-infused transformation 

A proliferation of new and emerging technology is disrupting the robust business environment of BFS. To address this, organizations are looking to efficient business processs management (BPM) solutions.

Ease your digital process transformation with Coforge’s revolutionary solutions. Powered by innovation, we offer business process management solutions that are:

  • Value-driven
  • Process-based
  • Aligned with your business goals
  • Delivers measurable outcomes

Reference Data Management+
Reference Data Management

Adopting Next-Gen technologies to enhance RDM Capabilities

Efficient reference data management is crucial to maintain high data quality standards for an organization. Yet, it is one of the top challenges faced by organizations due to poor data quality, data silos, multiple data sources, and inconsistent global data standards.

Coforge meets the needs of RDM with its innovative approach and next-gen technology integration. To be effective, our RDM solutions provide the right mix of governance and a robust plan for quickly mapping reference data sets. 

Improving Investor’s Digital Experience+
Improving Investor’s Digital Experience

Transforming investor experience with Digital Fund Factsheets

Living in a digital world, consumers have come to expect e-commerce-like convenience from every service industry – including investment management. A new generation of investment managers are driving how investors purchase and consume wealth services. 

To meet the needs of the changing investment landscape, Coforge developed Digital Factsheet – an NLP-powered solution that provides a data-centric digital experience. The interactive interface simplifies multiple touchpoints for investor and adopts an empathic design for better user experience.

Business Process Consulting+
Business Process Consulting

ProcessGym™  is Coforge's unique  4-step process re-engineering and improvement framework to achieve optimum service delivery. The principle aim of ProcessGym™ is to identify and eliminate waste, assess and manage risk through risk mitigation, and help achieve optimum service delivery. We employ D-M-A-I-C (Six Sigma) & P-D-C-A (Lean) methodology with Business Process Re-engineering & Domain Expertise.

Smart Document Processing+
Smart Document Processing

Unstructured data is an untapped pool of information that existing BPM tools fail to understand or capture. With increased digital adoption, a large volume of data is generated from diverse sources including comments, survey responses, call transcripts, blogs, and social media sites.

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