Enhancing Advisor Productivity with Intelligent Client Onboarding

Advisors in financial services industry are at the heart of delivering value to the customers. However, with the growing segment of tech-savvy millennials the advisors are being challenged to keep up to the ever-growing investment expectations of the investors who want more personalized financial advice aligned to their financial goals and fulfillment of regulatory compliance, which is imposing a challenge to shareholders questioning their profitability potential. Due to these pressures, the focus of advisor has shifted from core activities of client servicing to various front and middle office administrative activities.

iCOB is a solution that provides centralized system of records of all the customers’ data and on-boarding information with a consistent user experience across all multiple channels. It intelligently initiates workflows based on triggers defined by business.

  • Configurable and extensive SLA tracking
  • Improves ownership and accountability
  • Consistently and completely generates the requirements
  • Ensures adherence to compliance requirements
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