Enhancing Advisor Productivity with Zero Touch Experience

Asset and Wealth management firms need to empower their advisors with digital tools and solutions to streamline front, middle and back office functionalities, which will enhance advisor productivity and help them deliver better investor experiences.

We offer Digital Assistant solution for financial advisors to improve their productivity.

Our Digital Assistant solution for investment advisors provides a highly interactive interface for holistic wealth management services to investors while supporting middle-office portfolio management activities. Performs portfolio management and analytics with interactive user experience across channels such as web, mobile, and voice.

It has integrated NLP capabilities with cross-platform support, voice enabled bot, CRM systems, and Microsoft office productivity utilities and tools.

  • Emotionally empathetic zero touch experience
  • Machine learning enabled natural language understanding capabilities
  • Multi-factor user authentication and social media integration
  • 360 degree view of customer data
  • Financial analytics to identify new investment opportunities
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