Intelligent Client Onboarding

As financial institutions move toward becoming more customer-focused and profitable, the spotlight is on an adept, digital, agile, and versatile onboarding process. A user-friendly onboarding process creates a long-lasting and favorable first impression on clients and impacts revenue inflows. With extensive experience in IT and BPO across the wealth management landscape, we help deliver a compliant, efficient client onboarding solution, setting the best possible foundation for client relationships.

iCOB is a solution that provides centralized system of record for customers’ data and onboarding information with a consistent user experience across all multiple channels. It intelligently initiates workflows based on triggers defined by business. iCOB is highly configurable and requires no coding for adding new products, strategies, workflows, and approval processes.

  • Configurable and extensive SLA tracking
  • Better ownership and accountability
  • Complete and consistent generation of requirements
  • Easy adherence to compliance requirements

Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Innovative, cost-effective technology solutions that enhance business productivity
  • engineering of client onboarding and account maintenance business processes (e-account opening, free asset movement, etc.) to deliver significant improvements and cost-savings in operations
  • IT solutions and managed business operations in the account opening and accounts administration space for a diverse set of clients
  • The provision of services such as application development, maintenance, and support for advisor-facing applications, as well as facilitated operations for account administration, AML/KYC/fraud monitoring, and account transfers for a global financial services firm
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