Smart Airline Solution Suite

A revolutionary cloud-based airline solution suite that helps customers to realize growth and profitability while remaining compliant. The SaaS model adopted by the offerings gives customers the option to choose offerings as and when they need them. The suite offers end-to-end strategic planning focused on improving revenues and streamlining internal business processes for:​

  • Passenger Revenue Accounting​
  • Audit Solution – BIDT, Sales, Interline, GDS data​
  • Miscellaneous Billing​
  • Revenue Analytics​
  • Intelligent Route Profitability Analyzer​
  • Flight Operations​
  • RPA for GDS data extraction​

The MonaLisa suite ensures compliance with International Air Transport Association’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) and American Clearance House, offers seamless integration with legacy systems, effective management, processing, reporting, and audit of sales data, etc. 

Full Service and LCC Carriers
200 Mn
Years in Revenue Accounting
Unique Service Customizations
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Passenger Revenue Accounting+
Passenger Revenue Accounting

Improve cash flow​

MonaLisa, with its smart usage of emerging technologies delivers solutions that are user friendly for quick and efficient revenue management for improved profitability. 

Audit Solutions+
Audit Solutions

Identify Revenue Leakage​

MonaLisa is a one-stop-shop for all audit-related activities. The levels of automation facilitated by the system greatly improve productivity and efficiency.​

Revenue Analytics+
Revenue Analytics

Data-Driven Insights​

The MonaLisa system extensively leverages AI and ML for deriving action items that facilitate accurate and quicker decision making.​

Route Profitability Analyzer+
Route Profitability Analyzer

Identify New Opportunities​

The data-driven backend of the MonaLisa system ​helps customers​identify revenue optimization opportunities and take corrective measures to realize profitability quickly. 

Crew Management & Flight Operations+
Crew Management & Flight Operations

Streamline Crew Management and Flight Control Systems

Automate crew creation and realize efficient management of day-to-day operations

Why Coforge

With MonaLisa, Coforge helps customers in:

  • Managing costs with industry leading products
  • Improving revenue with revenue services
  • Reducing 20%-35% of the workload with automation resulting in cost savings
  • Oracle Gold Partner
  • Active participation in several industry groups including IATA as a strategic partner

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