PSS Migration

A key differentiator for Coforge has been its PSS capabilities. Coforge had been associated with 10+ PSS migrations. With the added experience of Sabre systems, Coforge has built a deep understanding of various domains - reservation, inventory, check-in, etc. ​

This unique capability has helped us reduce the time taken for knowledge transfer, understanding data structures, integration, and designing test activities while working on PSS systems. ​

Being conversant with the Sabre data formats, we have helped clients migrate their data warehouses to integrate using these new formats. A key accelerator in this space is our reusable test repository – consisting of over 15000 reusable test scenarios that not only cover the core PSS but the entire airline ecosystem including up line and downline systems. ​

Our PSS offerings include:​

  • Custom development​

  • Support, Maintenance, Enhancement​

  • Package Implementation​

  • Migration and Modernization​

  • Testing​

Coforge offers unique, integrated Passenger Services Systems (PSS) that automate all major passenger service functions including shopping, reservation, ticketing, check-in, seat assignment, and ancillary service sales.​

Following are the PSS services accelerators:​

  • PSS integration partners​

  • Reference integration architecture​

  • Well-defined data migration methodology​

  • Risk-based testing framework​

Our test repository, coupled with automation, allows us to speed up the process of migration by over 70%. Coforge's notable success stories include:​

  • Virgin Australia – completed PSS migration in a record 9 months' timeframe​

  • flydubai – integrated Farelogix for dynamic pricing through the direct channels in a short time.


Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Significant reduction  in migration time​
  • Reusable test repository​
  • Over 15000 reusable test scenarios​
  • Years of experience in PSS migration​
  • Experts in Sabre systems
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