Intelligent Automation

Airlines have 500+ systems with multiple tech, and disparate systems. IA can help interface with multiple systems, run complex algorithms on the distributed data, enable decision making and perform tasks to update numerous systems. Using autonomous automation, cognitive computing and NLP, Coforge has built BOTs on top of many systems, including Sabre and Amadeus, that can be quickly deployed or customized as per Airline’s needs. Our Automation as a Service model allows for a cost effective deployment.

The onerous transformation from routine, rules based and screen scrapping automation to a revolutionary and aspirational autonomous state leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence requires a robust delivery framework. Our IA Delivery Framework, Automation as a Service (AaaS) model and readymade bots enable airlines to smoothen this transformation and scale with ease. Key areas where Intelligent Automation has enabled:

  • Automated identification and tracking of lost baggage using image processing and recognition.
  • Handling of Operations tasks:
    • Schedule Filing
    • Automated Check-In of elite customers
    • Absence prediction and alternate roster suggestion
    • Refunds, redemption points reversals and ticket/EMD issuance
    • SSR and TTY Reject processing
  • Revenue Integrity Checks
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • 100+ bots created
  • 99% Automation of repeatable call center activities
  • 10-15% Incremental Revenue in PUSH UPGRADE CAMPAIGNS
  • 75% AUTOMATED CHECK-IN for Elite Guests
  • 7% decrease in lost/unrealized REVENUE
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