APIsed Hospitality

The complexity of operations within the Hospitality industry is a major challenge towards providing a hyper personalized and seamless service across touchpoints. With APIs, business leaders are able to tackle this challenge and optimize operations with APIs acting as a digital glue across systems and partners. APIs enable the industry to cut costs, improve revenues & deliver lasting guest experiences

With the growing number of PMS, POS, data dashboards, social media platforms, analytics tools and other such applications there is the subsequent need for more APIs to allow for all of these systems to integrate and work together. An API led approach enables the integration of multiple, complex systems across businesses and leads to reduced cost of engagement and improved time to market.

We have expertise and experience in :

  • Full lifecycle API Management of internal APIs & B2B APIs
  • Multiple functional domain areas like - Hotel Management System, Casino Management System, Loyalty rewards and profile management, Content Management and Offer Management, Guest Relations and so on
  • Integration & User Experience Testing
  • Integration of multiple modules of the Hotel Management System such as:-
    • Guest Experience and Front Desk Management – including Check-In and Check Out
    • Housekeeping
    • Rates and Sales
    • Administration
    • Business Intelligence

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  • Architecture Definition and Consulting
  • Best Practices Assets and Documents
  • Domain-Specific Standards
  • Reference micro services architecture
  • 1000+ person years of API Expertise
  • Expertise in multiple technologies like TIBCO Mashery, Mulesoft, IBM, Oracle
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