Digital Workforce Enablement

Digital is changing the rules of engagement, the customer expectations are evolving with the customer expected to be serviced through digital service channels. The hospitality industry needs to ensure that their employees have the right tools to engage with the customer effectively and ultimately enhance the guest experience. Coforge understands these challenges and helps you devise and implement transformational digital strategies to transition your business from paper forms to e-forms, manual workflows to automated workflows and taking offline to online.

As a technology partner with over two decades of experience and deep domain expertise, We enable Process Automation, which empowers employees to automate and optimize their own business processes with no-code workflow and a content automation platform that’s trusted by IT.

With Digital workforce enablement Coforge has implemented digitized solutions which:-

  • Saves manual efforts and improves productivity by almost 30%
  • Enables offline accessibility
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Configurable digital forms and automated workflows available
  • Create, manage, and use forms on devices
  • Removes data entry errors by providing lookups and reduces keyboard entries
  • Strengthen Employee Engagement
  • Integrates many different departments and eliminates duplication of work
  • Mobile access leading to productivity gain

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