Intelligent Automation

The hospitality industry can use automation to improve operations and enhance the guest experience. Automation is playing a key role in providing seamless customer service at every touchpoint, from room reservations to room services and billing; automation can convert inefficient, independent workflows in to integrated, intelligent and simplified workflows. Coforge with its expertise in Automation services builds BOTs on top of existing systems that can be quickly deployed or customized as per the needs. Our Automation as a Service model allows for a cost effective deployment.

In order to reduce service cost and optimize the operational cost, the hospitality industry requires precisely crafted, strategic process automation of its internal and customer care services. Coforge uses its Intelligent Automation Delivery Framework, Automation as a Service (AaaS) model and readymade bots to introduce Intelligent automation within existing processes with a focus on scale and ease resulting in enhanced operational workflows and lasting guest experiences.

We have created multiple robots in the following business areas -

  • Reservation
    • Broker Ticket Reservation-Allows brokers to book tickets in an automated manner through emails
  • Loyalty
    • Batch redemption of reward points
  • Back Office
    • Automated Invoicing
    • Automated audit reports- Box office, Retail, banquets etc
    • Reimbursement
  • Promotions and Campaigns
    • Email Creation, Email Proofing
  • Employee Management
    • Leave Management system
  • . Housekeeping
    • Integration with CRM
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  • 100+ bots created
  • Imrpoved speed of operations by 51%
  • Improved accuracy & turnaround time
  • Enabled annual cost savings of $500K
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