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Many Hospitality companies around the world are still using outdated legacy systems. These systems create bottlenecks and prevent companies from leveraging the latest technologies to improve guest experience. Guest experience for a new age customer depends on seamless & personalized services which are created & delivered using the latest technologies. Therefore to maintain their competitive edge the hospitality industry has to undergo an IT Transformation which would accelerate the digital delivery of modern IT services and allow the business to differentiate by improving robustness and reducing costs. Coforge partners hospitality companies in their tranformation journey and enables their IT to be more agile, nimble and scalable.

Coforge with its deep domain experience and expertise in emerging technologies is the ideal partner of choice to bring about an IT Transformation,we understand your business and leverage emerging technologies to improve guest experience and positively impact your business outcomes. Coforge engages in the following activities

  • Rapid Development
    • Across the entire IT landscape covering critical systems like the Hotel Management System, Casino Management System, Loyalty rewards and profile management, Content Management and Offer Management, Guest Relations and so on
    • Dev Ops and Test Ops tools and culture enablement
  • Integrated IMS/AMS with business aligned KPI's
    • Integration of systems across the IT landscape- Call centre management, Hotel Management System, Casino Management System , CRM, Parking, Content & offer management system and the Reservation Database
    • Smart Automation -live dashboards for the key business stakeholders, allowing them to view real time impact of automation on costs and efforts
    • Continuous integration of Microservices via APIs
  • Cloud – enabling scalability
    • Provision, Manage and support AWS Environment required for the website
      • Website availability, performance & capacity management
      • AWS Cost optimization and management
      • Incident / problem and Change management related to IT Infrastructure management
    • Cloud Migration -Migration of website from local data centres to AWS
  • Provision, manage and operate DNS / Domains

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Why Us ?
  • Multiple successful migrations to cloud for hospitality clients
  • Enabled a smooth integration of the different systems being used within the hotel to ensure a seamless customer experience and improved efficiency
  • Flexible, modular and scalable architecture to meet business and technical needs of future phases
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