Back Office Automation

Streamlining and digitising back office operations is increasingly becoming more and more important for the Surface Transportation Industry in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. There is an ever-increasing need to control revenue leakages as well as record, monitor, analyse and reconcile cost and revenue. We help our clients optimize their back office operations through our proven consultative approach and help streamline various processes like reconciliation, billing and accounting.

Coforge Technolgies helps its clients transform their back office operations to provide uninterrupted service by leveraging key emerging technologies like Automation using AI/ML and Blockchain. We cover the following business areas –

  • Contact Center Operations - We analyse the impact of digitization on this channel and follow a consultative approach to arrive at our strategic recommendations on how digitization can help improve overall contact center efficiency. Leading to key beenfits
    • Identify key and critical tasks which require human intervention compared to other service tasks which can be automated
    • The scope of automation and digitization for tasks which can help reduce the burden on the Contact Center
    • Leaner contact center operations

We also work on the following modules -

  • Billing, Accounting and Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • ERP- HR/Finance/Procurement
  • Enterprise Mobility
Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • 25 % cumulative operational cost reduction by the end of two years from contact centers for a Global leader in chauffeured service
  • Improved efficiency and Improved decision making
  • Reduced costs of running operations
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