• Build Hyper Connected Futures,Ideas,Capabilities and Experiences With Sitecore & Coforge
  • Coforge Connected Health and Interoperability Program (C-CHIP)
  • ENGAGE WITH THE EMERGING - A new age of intelligent insurance, for a new breed of smart insurer

    For many insurance providers, business in the current climate is a constant battle with complex processes, outdated legacy systems, inefficient working, ever-tightening legislation, a new breed of uber demanding customers and an influx of agile, digital-born competitors.

  • IMS - Business View of IT

    In today’s hyper-competitive and fast-changing marketplace, enterprises must pursue digital transformation to maximize business agility and create an ideal user experience.

  • Insurance - Insurance AI Offerings

    Coforge’s AI Service Line has identified high potential areas within Insurance domain that can be optimized with Artificial Intelligence. These areas can provide significant savings and/or increase top line for the client. Please find below The insurance value chain which can be addressed with Artificial Intelligence is given below.

  • Automation - TRON

    Coforge’s TRON is an integrated automation platform that consolidates innovative technologies, practices, and tools for business transformation—delivering more value. Leveraging advanced technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TRON platform enables enterprises to deliver business agility, selfenablement, and superior experiences.

  • Insurance Smart Quote

    Underwriters are no longer just responsible for risk selection and pricing, they are now expected to Support Sales function and increase new business. The information used by underwriters can vary widely. Also, underwriting actions are not always truly risk-based, but instead influenced by Market dynamics.

  • Covid-19 Loan Origination Solution

    The Covid-19 situation is a good example of the need for SMB Assistance loans. With governments around the world announcing new relief loans and schemes on a weekly basis, lenders are inundated with thousands of loan requests. These situations mandate the need for smart and agile loan origination systems that can adapt to change and cater to high volumes, in real-time.

  • Appian Practice Overview

    Coforge‘s Appian Practice delivers custom applications, leveraging the latest Appian versions and its features to help organizations achieve optimum return on their Appian investment.

  • Virtual Application Review

    Coforge’s Virtual Application Review (VAR) is an Appian application built to automate the Appian Code Review Process. Code reviews can be very manual, time-consuming and prone to human error. What’s more, these reviews are often skipped or solely based on a lead designers discretion, creating a mismanagement of expectations and deployment issues.

  • Testing Automation Framework

    Coforge’s Test Automation Framework allows organizations to accelerate their testing automation initiative for Appian applications. Based on Selenium & TestNG, TEST provides a data driven framework that has capabilities for testing authentication, role-based security, navigation, sites, reports, dashboards and many other applications related functional areas without any scripting.

  • Security and Access Management Framework

    Coforge’s SAM framework enables organizations to accelerate their development processes by reducing the efforts involved in creating user management modules for Appian applications. The Appian based application provides the creation of user and role functionality without updating single lines of code in the existing application.