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  • Small business group strategy for group insurers – a perspective
  • IT Cost Excellence for Travel Industry 

    Restarting travel during the Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations to redefine health & safety practices, inventory & services, and their operating model. In this redefinition process, 'cost excellence' is the top priority, and investments required for ongoing cost excellence are under scrutiny at the highest levels.

  • Using the Power of Graph Database Technology to Accelerate Machine Learning

    Advances in big data and cloud technologies have acted as catalysts for the fast growth of machine learning applications.

  • Transform with the emerging
  • Gamification: Fueling Sustainable Growth in the Insurance Industry

    Gamification in Insurance puts customers in the driver’s seat of truly engaging and rewarding experiences. In the final analysis, customers are better informed about insurance dynamics, make better product and coverage decisions, and are more satisfied while insurance companies benefit from improved underwriting, customer loyalty, and lasting business value.

  • Post-Merger and Acquisition Optimization

    The rate of Merger and Acquisition transactions in the insurance sector is at its lowest point since the lows of the Lehman Shock

  • Maximizing Returns from Digital Investments

    Coforge recommends that insurers look at the customer experience from both an outside-in and an inside out perspective. Our conversations with insurers indicate the results are often a mixed bag. Some insurers report that the number of inbound calls is not reduced as much as they forecasted, while some say they still receive a significant percentage of service requests or applications by paper.

  • Data Innovations at Coforge

    What is it that a Service Provider like Coforge can do to add value to the services we already provide to the customer? Can we ensure quicker ROI on customer’s investment in data? Can we provide something beyond expected software and service deliverables that help reduce data modernization cycle time without hitting customer’s IT budgets? Let’s try to find answers to these.

  • Cloud Data Modernization

    As CIOs and CDOs are leading efforts to support their Businesses during & after the Covid disruption, some of the challenges in the legacy Data platforms have become more prominent. 

  • High Impact areas of AI on Banking Industry

    Artificial Intelligence have been imparting a lot impetus to business across domains. AI may not be still a disruptor technology but has high potential to be so in near future. CoForge’s Artificial Intelligence team have identified high potential areas within banking domain that will be transformed by using AI technologies. The major goal is to provide significant savings and / or increase in the top line for the client.