Customer expectations have changed across sectors, and loans are no exception. To satisfy an individual customer's lending needs, financial firms require seamless integration across different channels, decreased turnaround times, and faster credit risk analyses. They also need to focus their efforts on cost-savings, as realized through the integration of independent lending applications that interact with disparate sources of information. We have been providing a spectrum of mortgage services to financial institutions in areas such as loan origination, collateral management, and default management for over fourteen years.

Key Features

  • Origination: Loan setup, application processing, underwriting analytics, document drawing, and loan closing
  • Servicing: Payment processing, escrow management, insurance administration, client management, and audit and risk management (ARM) audit
  • Risk mitigation: Default management, collections, charge-offs, foreclosure, and reporting
  • Value-added services: Secondary marketing, pre-payment forecasting, portfolio analytics, risk management analytics, customer acquisition, and profiling analytics

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Why Us ?
  • Extensive experience in both hosted and non-hosted products
  • Multi-channel experience (advisors and customers) validation based on proprietary digital lending maturity assessment toolkit
  • Ready test scenarios across origination, onboarding, know your customer (KYC), and anti-money laundering (AML). These scenarios enable a 20%–30% reduction in the test cycle time due to reusable test beds and strong lending domain expertise
  • Best practices, processes, and frameworks, including the automation framework (ASE2T) and knowledge portal (MATRIX)
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