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Multichannel evolution builds audience and increases revenue.

Changes in the media business landscape are driven by the rapidly evolving demands of consumers. With falling revenues, cutting costs through scalable process delivery and customer service is critical. However, to flourish amongst the disruption, magazines and newspapers must have multichannel solutions, perpetually at the forefront of the industry, to build audience and increase revenue. NIIT Technologies’ Integrated Media Services Platform is the most comprehensive, integrated media platform on the market today.

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Do More than Keep Up

The entire media landscape continues to evolve, and the rate of disruption increases every day. Do more than just keep up. Conquer media disruption every day with NIIT Technologies’ integrated approach to infrastructure, applications, customer care, business services and creative services. NIIT Technologies’ partners can select the specific solutions they require or adopt the entire platform to accelerate profitability and conquer disruption.

Increasing operational efficiency, tackling variable costs and increasing revenue will heighten competitiveness across the value chain of media operations. Without a robust technology platform powered by the leading solution provider, you may be left behind.

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Our solutions in the following industries drive improvements across the value chain:

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Why Partner with NIIT Technologies?

  • Nearly 100 years combined experience in IT solutions and media
  • Clients include 3 of the Top 10 newspapers in the United States, supporting $150M in ad revenue
  • 250K-plus print and digital ads created
  • $2M-plus revenue generation support for Morris Communications through digital marketing and media planning

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Do more than just keep up. Conquer media disruption every day.