API Led Digital Transformation for a US based insurance giant


  • Current IT Systems are built on old architecture which are tightly coupled and not scalable to meet increasing demand
  • High cost of change in Current IT system
  • Changes in current IT system is highly time consuming
  • Slower product rollout leading to tough competition


Coforge architected Enterprise Integration platform using Micro Services Architecture to integrate and scale IT systems quickly 

  • Micro service end point design developed using Domain Driven Design
  • Micro services are mostly written in Java ( Spring-boot and core java) & Python and they are stateless
  • Docker for deployment, which support Micro services architecture.
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  • Product rollout time to market – Application integration using EIB coupled with our mature DevOps and CI/CD practice  reduced development time from 6 weeks to 1-2days
  • Integration – Both upstream and down stream applications integrated with PAS
  • Scalability - Business services can be scaled at will by using Docker infrastructure
  • Resilient/Flexible - Failure of one service does not affect other services. Easy to enhance, independently test and deploy, freedom to choose technology