Automation-led Workplace Services for UK’s Care & Research Charity for People


The client needed to reduce the costs of the customer and end-user support while delivering a streamlined, interactive service experience. To accomplish this, the client wanted to implement an agile, next-generation workplace environment, with minimal business disruption. Coforge delivered a future-proofed, innovative, and intelligent workplace, by using advanced workplace technologies to transform the client’s employees’ digital experience.

About the Client

UK’s Care & Research Charity for People

Business Challenge:


  • IT support desk was witnessing a large number of repetitive issues in the EUC environment.
  • IT support was exhausting its capacity in doing mundane jobs. A significant number of incidents were resolved by referring to SOPs, which showed a high potential for automation and improving user experience and productivity.
  • Lack of self-service option for end-user empowerment
  • High cost of service operations

Our Solution

Coforge transformed the customer’s service and end-user support functions to an updated platform based on Coforge’s Digital Workplace, a suite of intelligent tools and support services. The suite embedded automation and self-service to optimize efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness.

Key features of Coforge’s end-point automation solution and capabilities are:

  • Self-heal and auto-remediate repetitive tasks
  • Empower end-users with one-click solutions (VPN issues, PC hang, slow performance issues, software crashes, etc.)
  • Patch compliance engine for roaming users to work beyond the corporate boundaries and to ensure that the workplace estate remains secure and compliant
  • Software distribution over the internet for roaming and BYOD
  • Centralized automated CMDB population


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    Delivering More Value

    • Approx. 15% increase in device management compliance
    • >3% proactive resolution enabled by Xynalitics—Coforge End-Point Analytics
    • Increased end-user satisfaction
    • Lowered Mean-Time-to-Resolve (MTTR) for end-user Incidents
    • Less wait time and quick answer time
    • Increased accuracy and error-free resolutions
    • Reduced Average Handle Time resulting in increased productivity of end-users
    • Self-service-enabled workplace to accelerate service speed and efficiency
    • Fewer incidents at Service Desk

    The Coforge Advantage

    Coforge delivers its Digital Workplace Services to numerous clients globally. It includes an integrated suite of best-in-class technologies for end-point analytics, automation, intuitive self-service options, cognitive virtual assistant, etc. With an extensive list of out-of-the-box use cases available to be deployed on day 1, we were able to deliver quick results to the customer and show drastic improvements.