Improved existing solution setup for a Travel Client


The key objective of the client was to provide operations team with complete visibility of the customer journey as they navigate across the web platform and quickly identify and resolve performance issues faced by direct customers or partners.

About the Client

The client is a Carrier Airline of Europe

Business Challenge

Customer was facing below challenges in their current environment setup:

  • Mapping of user transaction with the execution within the application missing for end to end visibility and complete transaction flow
  • No insight into the application for the issues reported by users across geographies
  • No information on the user transactions for the time taken at different tiers
  • Team taking time in doing the triage of issues, with more of solo approach for the technological landscape
  • No end to end co-relation of issues for the travel site
  • Identify the drop/bounce rate of users hitting the travel website
  • No definite way to capture the key problem areas within the application
Our Solution

Partnering with the client, we successfully provided the needed solution to optimize deployment with conformance to industry best practices:

  • Created the complete travel transaction workflow for the service availability and response time for giving the end to end view of transaction
  • Custom dashboard created for giving the customer an insight to user experience related details with drill down capability to user transaction for users performing the ticketing and other operations within application
  • Visibility into the observed issues with segregation into different areas for critical area identification
  • Funnel for giving an insight to users bounce rate and user exit at different levels
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Delivering More Value
  • Customer could see the real-time performance state of monitored application
  • Identification of key problems within the application
  • With analysis and drill down capability, issue resolution was faster and time reduced to less than 1/3
  • Proactive monitoring could be performed for the issues in the making, further reducing the critical incidents impacting application performance
  • Helped team to identify the key areas for application improvement and helping them with proactive monitoring

The Coforge Advantage

We have been helping customers for over 5 years in enhancing their application performance and improved business agility. Organizations choose us because of our expertise and comprehensive services that help customers achieve application performance maturity. Our trained and certified team of professionals work closely with customer teams to understand their requirement and instrument tool to best suit their needs.

Our team help correlate IT parameters with business and provide unified visibility to assist in rapid problem resolution. This provides a systematic process for measuring, reporting, and improving the application.