Partnering with a Bootstrapped US Fintech Startup to Achieve 75% Faster Time-to-Market with 15% Lower Cost of Ownership


A US based fintech startup wanted to build a mobile solution which will help millennials and boomers to live better by giving to causes/charity of their choice and saving for a secure future. The new mobile app had to enable users to:

  • Help “self-tax” their everyday purchases to painlessly save for the future and/or give to a cause, also known as “micro-saving”
  • Receive encouragement and support via curated offers and content, personalized offers, and exclusive savings based on user life stage and behaviors.
  • Take back control of their financial health with the convenience of the app in the palm of their hand providing a holistic view of financial details


Leveraging our extensive experience in outsourced product development across verticals, we enabled the client to quickly bootstrap their idea—from concept to minimum viable product—to help attract further funding and get to the market quickly. Time-to- market was minimized using our global agile delivery model. Using a judicious mix of onshore and offshore development teams, investment was maximized helping each dollar deliver more. The “startup culture” was matched in terms of speed and agility of services provided and yet IT related risks were controlled using the industry best practices. The client was delivered:

  • UX services (such as user surveys, mockup trials etc.) to ensure that user-experience is “baked into” the product from the start and not added on later
  • Technology consulting, including helping integrate with the right technology partners / service providers to help build the solution faster
  • Quality control at all times right up to production
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We delivered single Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for application changes with automated sync between version control and environments. Increased collaboration and communication between Dev, Test, Infra, and Ops led to predictable and frequent releases, and reduced time-to-market from weekly to daily and on-demand. The engagement resulted in:

  • 15% Reduction in total cost of ownership by using AWS based cloud infrastructure and open source technology stack
  • 80% Time-savings in extending the iOS-based application to Android by using cross-platform Xamarin framework
  • Data analytics powered lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Digital product strategy comprising transparency, social gamification, social integration, and accessibility for product differentiation

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