Transforming the Ground Transportation Business​


A global leader in chauffeured services, the client was looking to leverage the capabilities of digital transformation. From delivering premium experiences to creating new sales channels - the client required a partner that would help them meet their business objectives. Coforge helped the client transform their ground transportation business with a revamped mobile application for chauffeurs, real-time integration with the travel agent application, and created several digital channels for its customers.

About the Client

The client is a global leader in chauffeured services, providing full-service solutions for the world's most discerning travelers - spanning over 1000 cities worldwide, 1000+ fleet size, and covering over 5Mn trips in a year.

Business Challenge

Under competitive pressure, the client wanted to embrace digital all across its business. The main objectives of the client included:

  • Deliver a premium experience to its tech-savvy customers
  • Create new sales channels by leveraging web and mobile technology
  • Increase the revenue base by addressing new market segments of retail and B2B customers
  • Enhance distribution channels
  • Add customer intimacy features in alignment with industry
  • Increase productivity to reduce the cost of operations

Our Solution

Coforge consulted and assessed the client on its digital maturity model and implemented a comprehensive digital strategy that included the revamp of the mobile application for chauffeurs, real-time integration with the travel agent application, and the creation of several digital channels for customers.

  • As-Is Evaluation
    • Strategic initiatives mapping to core systems & applications
    • Development methodology
    • Application architecture
    • Gap Analysis
    • Application portfolio assessment
  • Roadmap
    • IT strategy and organization design
    • Plan for strategic initiatives and application changes
  • Identification of key steps and processes
    • Business case refinement
    • Branding for website and mobile
    • Prioritize automation opportunities
  • Implement digital transformation – build and integrate web and mobile tools for customers, chauffeurs, greeters, and dispatchers
    • Responsive website and multi-browser support
    • GPS tracking of chauffers
    • Use of Google Places API to get accurate location
    • Rich feature set like – real-time flight update, real-time messaging from dispatcher to chauffer, toll, and other expense information
    • iOS and Android platforms for mobile
  • Architect and develop APIs and integrate with GDS and aggregators enabling the client to distribute the inventory through new B2B partners
  • Developed a Sabre Red App that is bundled and deployed on Sabre Red Marketplace
  • Our implementation allowed travel agents to book our client’s services from their Sabre Red Workspace and add the ground segment to an existing Air Segment PNR or a new PNR.

Coforge created algorithms for acquired knowledge and automate processes to reduce cost, prevent erroneous booking and increase productivity - leading to a 95% decrease in erroneous bookings.

Coforge was also involved with a consulting engagement with the client to explore the impact of digitization on global contact center operations (generating 50% of revenues) and how digitization can help improve overall efficiency and customer service. The main focus of this consulting engagement was on:

  • Reduction of the average cost per call handled by the contact center
  • Identify key and critical tasks that require human intervention compared to other service tasks to automate without impacting revenue and customer service
  • The scope of automation and digitization for tasks, like cancellation can help reduce the burden on the contact center
  • Leaner contact center operations

Delivering more value:

  • Improved its reach to a large number of customers and travel arrangers using digital channels and integration with a leading travel agent.  
  • Enabled channel shift in online bookings by 4 times, thus, substantially reduced help desk costs  
  • Seamless customer experience between multiple channels – call centers, mobile, web.  
  • Improved passenger experience throughout the commute and optimized fleet management using mobile-first and personalization initiatives  
  • 80% of trip dispatched automatically, resulting in an annual saving of approximately 1M  
  • New sales channel enabled – Sabre RED, allowing direct bookings by GDS agents