Application Management

Enterprises today require an application portfolio that is managed 24x7 in order to remain secure, reliable, and consistent yet cost-effective. They need solutions that ensure high availability and performance coupled with strong transition capabilities to enable risk-free change. In addition, the changes brought about by the digital transformation across most industries require applications to be agile and responsive, giving a fresh impetus to legacy modernization.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing cost-effective and reliable application management and modernization services for clients worldwide. These teams are supported by process, domain, and technology Centers of Competence (COCs). Today, clients are looking for more than business-as-usual from application management. Our application management processes include both resource optimization based on Lean principles and a continuous improvement framework for reduction of incidents and defects. Besides yielding improved business experience, our approach has also resulted in major savings for the clients.

In the Legacy Modernization domain, we have experience working in small to very large multi-year transformational programs. Our involvement has typically been end-to-end, from initial assessment to data migration, testing, and implementation.  

We offer a variety of operating models, which range from traditional/fixed price/defined capacity-driven to outcome-based managed services. Today, the majority of our large engagements work on a combination of models, with support and maintenance largely relying on an outcome-based managed services model.

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