Business Aligned AMS

In the digital era, enterprises are rapidly moving to ideas that provide empathetic end-user experience and make their businesses future-ready. The change catalyst is not only limited to automation and artificial intelligence but also include agreements that have assisted in driving a consensus between a IS team and business functions. Our dedicated Center of Competence (COC) for maintenance and support services has been helping clients on the business satisfaction journey for the last few years. Our customers have been realizing the benefit of a “maturity model” beyond IT governance that has helped their IT to avoid the “watermelon” effect and gain business satisfaction.

Business Aligned Services: Multiple business indicators usually follow industry-wide standard. However, it is important to categorize the KPIs based on their respective performance criteria or priorities. We believe these indicators can be of varying nature such as quantitative, qualitative, leading, lagging, process, output etc. We have developed a business KPI measurement framework as an indication of the current state of a component of business to take the “IT surprises” out of risk. While the business KPIs are identified and selected as succinctly as possible, we collaborate with customers to measure the improvements from a reference point. We have been able to make a substantial positive impact to multiple customers in travel and insurance industry. Over 20 years, we have been providing application management for worldwide clients. While we adapt managed services model, including lean methodologies for efficiency increase and waste reduction in application management engagements, our focus remains on generating business value.




Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Business Aligned Framework: Integrate business KPIs and process design strategies into practice basis proven methodology and best practices
  • Business Heat Map: Scorecard that assists in exhibiting the key performance indicator area that needs attention
  • Automated Analysis: Helps identify key issues from ticket analysis based on taxonomy
  • ProcessGym framework: Decomposes the business process into multiple components depicting key performance indicator initiatives
  • Dashboard : Real-time dashboard to evaluate business KPIs based on underlying IT measurements
  • Gen2Nxt: Next-gen application service framework encompassing the new thinking
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