Application Architecture Advisory

Architecture in today’s world need to enable agility and not impede it. While resilience, security, scalability, performance, availability and extensibility remain architectural concerns, deployability and testability get added to this list. This requires a completely new way of decomposing problem domains into components which can exist independent of each other, yet work together to realize business value which is greater than sum total of the value realized by the independent components. Architecture Advisory Services helps in this transformation.


Architecture Advisory Services help in:

  • Business Case Development,
  • Transformation Roadmap creation,
  • Architecture Definition,
  • Fit-for-purpose Analysis,
  • Architecture Governance, and
  • Impact assessment

for Agile transformation of the enterprise. It helps inculcate new processes, capabilities and technologies while rationalizing old to help maintain business agility.

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Why Us ?
  • Deep Domain Expertise & expertise in Architecture methodologies such as TOGAF, Zachman, ATAM, helps provide Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Technology Architecture & Application Architecture advise
  • Readymade Digital Models for various domains / sectors
  • Digital Integration Capabilities
  • Microservices Reference Architecture that helps define and strategise Microservices adoption
  • Open Source Reference Architecture to aid adoption of Open stack
  • IoT Reference Architecture, Blockchain Reference Architecture and Intelligent BPM Reference Architecture work as accelerators
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