Application Integration

Connected world and connected businesses need connected systems to enable business processes that transcend business boundaries. Enterprise applications are increasingly required to adopt open architecture that enables seamless integration across organizational boundaries.

Our Microservices reference architecture enables the applications to publish useful functionality as APIs, thereby enabling other systems to consume the same seamlessly. It also enables the applications to externalize concerns like authentication, access control, discovery, transformation, metering etc.

Our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) expertise enables enterprises to adopt fit-for-purpose technology and protocol for application to application interface.


  • Application Integration Services help externalize data by publishing APIs and ensuring their security, access control, scalability, and orchestration.
  • SOA platforms, Microservices guidance, API Gateways, and ESBs help implement secure gateways to an application's business functionality.
  • EAI platforms, API Gateways, and orchestrators enable service transformation, orchestration, and extension to enable integration of system functionality within the business process. With a rich repository of interface specification, mapping, and design templates, we can help define and design robust application integration that can lead to greater than 30% savings in business process costs.




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Why Us ?
  • Integration expertise with industry platforms like PSS, GDS, PAS, claims management, wealth management, CRM, ERP etc
  • Microservices Reference Architecture that helps define and strategize microservices adoption
  • IoT Reference Architecture, Blockchain Reference Architecture and Intelligent BPM Reference Architecture work as accelerators
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