Global Agile

In today’s age of consumer driven IT and digital innovation, speed, and the ability to learn/adapt quickly is the only long-term competitive advantage. Globally, organizations across different domains have chosen Agile as their chosen methodology to help them in this endeavor.

While adopting Agile, organizations face the following challenges:

  • Driving business value from Agile implementations
  • Scaling agile programs
  • Leveraging outsourcing and offshoring effectively in agile programs
  • Building a predictable delivery organization

Our "Global Agile Framework,” enables the benefits of speed, scale, and certainty during the application development initiatives. It enables organizations to amplify the benefits of Agile in an outsourcing scenario. The Global Agile Framework is built on top of standard Agile methodologies and is guided by its own manifesto, which compliments the Agile manifesto:

Global Agile

This framework can be used to assess the current practices in any initiative and suggest improvements aligned to the agility requirements. Here, we can assist in identifying areas for improvement and setting up operational processes that ensure that project deliveries become predictable in terms of both quality as well as quantity.

Key Features

  • Global Agile targets full value lifecycle starting from envisioning new initiatives for tangible business outcomes to delivering them to production in a predictable fashion.
  • Various areas where we help clients are illustrated below:

Global Agile


Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Contracting models focusing on value over effort (Fixed Price Agile: Fixed Price / SP, Fixed Price / FP, Fixed Price / Story, Fixed Price / Feature, Fixed Price / Team)
  • Domain specific models and assets for business value creation
  • Global Agile and DevOps consulting framework and practices for enabling speed, scale, and certainty in development programs
  • Full lifecycle automation and tools expertise for better productivity and time-to-market
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