Product Development Services

Product development requires a completely different mindset, culture for innovation, and mature engineering practices to ensure continuous release of new features in the product. We bring extensive experience in product development in the airlines, travel distribution, eCommerce, and insurance domains.

We specialize in transforming a traditional development landscpae from a Project Mindset to a Product Mindset. This requires a few critical changes as explained below:


Through Launchpad, we enable organizations with Outsourced Product Development, which has four key dimensions as illustrated below:





Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Contracting models focusing on value over effort
  • Strict Open Source compliance and policy management eliminating Open Source risk to proprietary product licenses
  • Structured innovation management for new ideas and more value
  • Domain specific models and assets for business value creation
  • Global Agile and DevOps framework and practices for enabling speed, scale, and certainty in outsourced product development
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