Release at Will

Speed is the only differentiator. Organizations today in their digital transformation journeys need to become more agile, innovate faster, and bring new features to their customers continuously. In order to be able to do that, they adopt various agile methodologies, embark on DevOps implementations, tool adoptions, and look at various forms of automation as the answer to the needed business agility. In most of the scenarios, these initiatives do not result in the desired business agility or competitive differentiation. This results in frustration and friction between various IT and business groups.

DONE-Release at Will is a framework that ensures that your DevOps or Agile initiatives meet their objectives by recognizing that business agility is a factor of attaining maturity across 5 dimensions of People, Process, Automation, Architecture, and Infrastructure. The framework identifies 23 capabilities that need to work together to ensure success.

The framework can be used to assess these capabilities and create a roadmap, which brings about comprehensive change in the business agility of the organization. As these capabilities mature, the organization maturity can be depicted across the following continuum.

  • Improve IT responsiveness to business for better alignment
  • Leverage tangible business benefit from adoption of DevOps, agile or speed-to-market initiatives
  • Future-proof enterprise architecture for agility e.g. microservices transformation
  • Enable development teams to deliver production-ready code continuously by leveraging Combined Engineering
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