API and Web Services Testing

Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) comprise loosely coupled software services. In a SOA environment, resources on a network are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation.

Our extensive experience in testing API and Web Services, has developed a highly effective method that adopts a break-and-test approach. The key is to break the complex services and their interactions into smaller and more manageable components and apply top-down (Consumer Side) and bottom-up (Provider Side) testing, integrated with an industry-standard testing toolset to improve productivity and optimize quality and costs.

Our Test approach provides a proprietary, customizable, flexible and easy-to-use API and Web Services Test Automation Framework which combines our methodologies, processes and best practices, which are supported by world-class tooling to address the functional, integration, performance, security, interoperability, and governance aspects of services.


  • Our Test approach leverages years of automation expertise and experience to help our customers detect defects early in the lifecycle, and save effort and costs
  • Functional testing as per the service description document for technical and business requirements
  • Non-functional testing for performance, security, and interoperability
  • Governance and compliance testing for validating conformance to standards
  • API Testing Automation Framework is built on Open-Source Tools with following features:
    • Test a diverse set of services
    • Customizable as per the requirement
    • Enhanced and customizable reports and logs for reference
    • Reduced manual intervention and initial coding effort
    • Supports various validations




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Why Us ?
  • Complete Test Coverage Assurance for all areas of SOA based applications
  • We provide a single framework to test a diverse set of API services
  • Service virtualization expertise for testing services earlier in software development lifecycle
  • Expertise in automation using both Open Source and Commercial Tools
  • Ready-to-use solution for integration with various Commercial and Open Source tools
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