Business Assurance Essentials

The dynamic business environment is driving organizations to enhance and update their applications regularly for gaining competitive advantage. It may involve minor enhancements and defect fixes or major transformations. Assuring there are zero business disruptions, requires business assurance testing. Based on our testing experience, we have developed Business Assurance Essentials Testing, which includes methodologies, frameworks, repositories, tools, and utilities for guaranteed business operations. Our services have accelerated time-to-market without compromising on quality.

Our business assurance essentials services are complemented by rich experience, along with domain and technology expertise. We provide optimum ways to help standardize and streamline testing, delivering the highest degree of “sanity in applications” to our customers.

  • Functional Testing to verify each function of the software application in conformance with the requirement specification
  • Integration Testing to ensure that assemblages (or groups of units) are exercised through their interfaces using stubs and drivers, and success and error cases are simulated via appropriate parameters and data inputs
  • System Testing services that leverage the capabilities of industry-standard testing tools, inhouse frameworks, best practices, and value-based delivery models
  • Regression Testing that helps to unearth functional defects introduced after a change in code, by executing an optimized and prioritized regression test suite
  • Business Testing for key verticals with enhanced test coverage and reduced overall testing cycle time
  • Mobile Testing addresses functional and non-functional aspects of applications with the use of virtualized and on-premise mobile devices. This type of testing has grown in importance, given that mobile applications run on a staggering range of mobile devices, operating systems, network carriers, locales, screen sizes, and aspect ratios (unlike PC and Web applications)
  • Non-Functional Testing is based on your business performance requirements with test scenarios defined by you. It includes:
    • Performance Testing that ensures that applications perform well under expected workloads. We analyze, validate, and verify performance; we also measure other quality attributes of systems, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage
    • Security Testing comprises risk analysis, threat modeling, security test design, security test execution, and reporting, to ensure tight coupling of security measures
    • Accessibility Testing for validating that the application adheres to the accessibility standards
  • Product Testing includes end-to-end product lifecycle testing, test consulting, and analytics-driven product assurance management
  • Platform Migration Testing covers the entire range of data center migration testing, database migration testing, technology migration testing, and standards migration testing
  • Blockchain Testing for assuring Blockchain implementations across integrations and business processes
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Why Us ?
  • Ready-to-use domain expertise, repositories, toolkits comprising 50+ tools, accelerators and utilities, which lead to saving in testing efforts while reducing time-to-market by 15-20%
  • Ready-to-use domain test repository that includes core test scenarios used to catalyze the test design phase
  • Flexible engagement models, talent development programs, and business outcome analytics driven governance coupled with forward-looking pricing structures ensuring continuous cost optimization
  • Technology Innovation Center and focused Centers of Competence (CoCs) enhance product quality and facilitate time and cost-savings
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