Business Testing

The advent of digital technologies has transformed the business operating models of enterprises. The focus has shifted from decent product functionality to better end user experience.

One of the main reasons for failure of a project is sullied end user experience. This is primarily due to the inability of software / product to live up to customer expectations, which includes both functional and non-functional aspects. This is further aggravated in today’s agile world where the requirements are dynamic and keep changing all the time. Most of the testing carried out during development is by developers and functional testers, who validate the end product against functional specification, but instances of missed or misinterpreted business requirements are on the increase.

Business testing plays a key role in validating the software/product against the business requirements or processes and assessing the customer experience.

Coforge approach to business testing is to utilize testers with business domain knowledge to ensure conformity of the software to the business requirements and perform controlled crowd testing for assessing end user experience. 

Key Features

  • Consulting: test strategy and planning, estimation, implementation test strategy, non-functional test requirement definition
  • Requirement Testing: requirements review, requirement testability review
  • Business Process Testing: functional testing, integration testing, end to end business scenario testing, acceptance testing, business process automation testing
  • Customer Experience Testing: Usability testing, accessibility testing, alpha testing, beta testing, validation of A\B and multi-variate testing




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  • Ready-to-use testing tools, frameworks, accelerators, estimation models and methodologies, which enable savings in testing efforts with high quality
  • Strong Technology Innovation Centre and focused centres of competencies (CoCs) help enhance domain knowledge
  • Expertise and experience in performing business testing for large programs, like Airline PSS Migration testing, for multiple clients across the globe.
  • Readily available pool of experienced testers with domain knowledge for immediate deployment
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