Core Testing

Enterprises have realized the potential of core testing functions as part of the software development lifecycle to successfully manage business and technology priorities. Inadequate software testing increases business risks, reduces revenues due to system failure and downtime, leads to wastage of time and resources, and results in higher application maintenance costs and stakeholder dissatisfaction. With business assurance becoming a key focus, organizations have started aligning their testing and quality assurance methodologies to support the shift from “completing IT projects” to “delivering optimized business outcomes.”

Our core testing services are complemented by rich experience, along with domain and technology expertise. We provide optimum ways to help standardize and streamline testing, and deliver the highest degree of “sanity in applications” to our customers. Our domain-focused team of empathetic professionals allows organizations to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and create business value. We provide the following core testing services:

  • Functional Testing to verify each function of the software application in conformance with the requirement specification

  • Integration Testing to ensure that assemblages (or groups of units) are exercised through their interfaces using stubs and drivers, and success and error cases are simulated via appropriate parameters and data inputs

  • System Testing services that leverage the capabilities of industry-standard testing tools, in-house frameworks, best practices, and value-based delivery models.

  • Regression Testing that helps to unearth functional defects introduced after a change in code, by executing an optimized and prioritized regression test suite

  • Business Testing for key verticals with enhanced test coverage and reduced overall testing cycle time.




Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Accelerated time-to-market with risk-based testing framework and orthogonal arrays for optimized test coverage
  • Ready-to-use domain test repository that includes core test scenarios used to catalyze test design phase
  • Special focus on process governance using industry recognized and established standards
  • Reusability and repeatability methodologies for upgrading existing assets and building new assets
  • Core-flex operational models to reduce the lifecycle process overheads
  • Automated portfolio dashboard that offers visibility through efficient and effective reporting mechanism and effective communication across stakeholders
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