Customer Experience Testing

In this world of digital transformation of new channels and smart devices, organizations focus on delivering enhanced customer experience. This requires re-alignment of the entire testing perspective from inside out to outside in. Our Customer Experience (CX) Testing ensures that all channels of interaction are accessible, effective, efficient, consistent, and secure. Metrics and measurements around usefulness, satisfaction, and reliability, along with ease-of-use and learnability assure customer experience.

We offer industry-specific testing solutions, which help enhance customer experience while interacting with application/product.

  • CX Test consultancy
    • Test strategy formulation with risk analysis and technology-based tool assessment
    • Definition of test requirements: Omnichannel accessibility, performance, and security
    • Definition of KPIs and metrics
    • Capacity planning: Multi-variant analysis, forecasting resources, disaster recovery and failover testing, baseline, and benchmarking.
    • Workload modeling: Domain based, real-time load pattern, users and usage profiling, network analysis, and scenario mix.
    • Audit and assessment: Accessibility, performance, security, templates, standards, and gap analysis.
  • CX Test execution services
    • Omnichannel testing: Consistency and continuity of Functionality, Usability, and Compatibility across channels, devices, and platforms.
    • Performance testing under varying network conditions and latencies to mimic the end-user experience, different browser devices, geo location, carriers, bottleneck identification, end-to-end performance engineering and configuration optimization.
    • Security testing: Risk based security testing, Static code analysis, Penetration Testing, Network vulnerability assessment, Cloud security compliance testing.
    • Accessibility testing: WCAG compliance level (A,AA,AAA), BITV, Section 508 compliance testing, device independence testing, screen reader testing to shorten the learning curve associated with the system for cognitive disability


Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Ready-to-use Tools and IPs: Developed pre-defined vertical specific models like airline booking and cargo. Frameworks for Omnichannel, security, performance, and accessibility help to enhance CIA (confidentiality, integrity, usability, and availability) of applications and data
  • Consistency in customer experience solutions across multiple channel interfaces (mobile, social, and traditional systems) and connected devices
  • Expertise in various proprietary tools (Load runner, Performance Center, Rational Performance Tester, Neo Load, SOASTA, Blazemeter and MS Visual Studio Ultimate, Appscan, fortyfive,Acunetix,Fortify, Nessus ,Dyno mapper, Usabilla etc.), Open Source tools (JMeter, Grinder, Burpsuite, Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP), Google Analytics etc.) and assistive technologies (AcChecker, Dragon, Jaws, Magic etc.)
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