Hedge Fund

We are committed to support global leaders in the investment management business for the last ~10 years, and meeting the demands of dynamic financial markets with our deep domain experience, innovative approach and disruptive technology enablers. Coforge Data Service team is responsible for Reference data Management of the client by updating pricing and fundamental series, providing exception management (pre determined checks, research), quality control (review and identify bad data) and data collection (collect data not provisioned directly via vendor feed) functions, provide exception handling, mailbox monitoring, monitoring - Nimsoft Alarm and RA coverage to the client.

We provide end to end back office operations, data steward services including data analytics to the Asset management firms, who manage assets such as fixed income, currency, equity and commodity and related derivative instruments in the global markets. Our services help our clients to plan financial strategy for their clients by taking timely and accurate investment decisions. We generate ~60k annual reports, ~150k exceptions reports supported by 24x7 operations.

Key services offered:

  • Exception Management
    • Perform pre-determined checks in data collection and management process to identify exceptions
    • Research & resolve any exceptions arising out of breach of business rules, threshold or bad data
  • New Instruments
    • Creation of New Instruments (Pricing or Fundamental) required by client members to use them in their strategies/ models/ Portfolio
    • Setting up of IPOs or Secondary offerings as required by Trading & Research Teamsv
    • Updating Historical data of any instrument newly created in the database
  • Quality Control
    • Review and analyze data for completeness and accuracy
    • Identify and raise to exception management any bad data
  • Data collection
    • Collect data that is not provisioned directly via a vendor feed
  • Coverage Support
    • Dealing with issues related to real time instrument changes raised by internal & external client members
    • Following up with vendors on any missing data
    • Setting up any missing instrument which are needed on priority basis
Benefits delivered :
  • Coforge has been consistently delivery exceptional quality services using its centralized quality audit team managed by team of six sigma black belt certified professionals
  • The Ontime reporting has improved by 20% and currently stands at over 97%
  • The operations has expanded from 16 hours a day to 24 hours a day support
  • The process started with 18k reports processed annually and currently Coforge is processing over ~60K
  • The onshore support/dependency stands at 24% currently on coverage requests
  • Currently Coforge is processing 116 critical reports and 144 non-critical reports
  • Improved efficiency by 40% using macros in multiple reports along with automating e-mail by implementing ProcessGymTM (our consulting framework)
  • Re-engineer and streamlined work of 3 geographies to off-shore
  • Reduced training time by 30% by digitalization of trainings and simplifying training manuals which is used by Offshore and Onshore teams
  • Supported client in simplifying their platform and workflow application
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