Contract Loading

Increased competition in the travel industry has forced travel and destination management companies to adapt their channel and content management to attend to the needs of the connected customer. Monitoring customer behavior at every touch point provides detailed information and insights into customer’s buying patterns. The effort to update and manage information accuracy across multiple customer touch points, along with multiple contracts and agreements, has resulted in pricing discrepancies, inventory errors, and increased time-to-market.

The capture, amendment, and control of hotel and tour operator rates is time consuming and includes risk of human errors. These manual processes detract organizations from their core business functions that add true value to the business.

Coforge’ integrated Contract Loading services automate time-consuming manual business processes that hinder productivity and efficiency. With our experience and domain expertise, we have gained deep understanding of the complexities and challenges in managing contract loading. This enables us to tailor solutions according to industry-specific demands, and help our clients focus on core business activities

Contract loading

Key Features:

  • Technology-assisted inputs for increasing accuracy and reduced time-to-market
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Improved sales and revenue
  • Six Sigma- and Lean-based quality framework
  • Quality assurance methodology for risk mitigation
  • AI enabled solution in contract loading process flow.
Airline Operations
Coforge Advantage:
  • 20 years of expertise in Travel, Transportation & Hospitality sector’
  • With our vast experience in the travel and transportation domain, we have gained deep understanding of the complexities and challenges in managing contract loading, amendments, special offers, policies, restrictions, blackout dates, taxes, and amenity changes
  • Demonstrated client capabilities
  • Significant reduction in time-to-market
  • 100% accuracy on financial parameters
  • 99.2 % overall accuracy using three-level quality audits
  • Over 40% savings in operational costs
  • Real time loading of offers and special packages
  • Time bound clearance of backlogs
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