Cloud Management Services

Most organizations adopted a cloud-first strategy a few years ago and made their movement to cloud for reasons such as lowering capital costs and scalability. The migration to cloud now heavily focuses on the digital transformation agenda of organizations. This has changed the way they move to cloud and now a multi-cloud reality exists whereby different cloud providers are employed to apply different methods based on the need and requirement.

In this complex environment, cloud optimization becomes inevitable for enterprises to achieve efficiency. With our technical expertise in latest cloud trends, frameworks, and intellectual properties, we help enterprises optimize cloud for driving efficiencies in business services. Specific Offerings

  • Business Continuity as a Service:
    • Data Backup, Restore, and Archive
    • High Availability
    • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Innovate Faster:
    • Release at will
    • DevOps/GitOps
    • Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service
  • Managed Cloud Platform - CloudPixyTM
    • CloudPixyTM , our multi-cloud provisioning and orchestration solution is a one-stop-solution for your cloud management needs. Based on the principles of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), CloudPixyTM automatically manages and provisions through code rather than manual processes. It provides a user-friendly graphical interface wherein a single user can manage various cloud environments using a drag-and-drop feature from a pre-defined catalog.
Key Features
  • Automation and Orchestration through CloudPixyTM
  • Kubernetes Adoption Framework
  • Containers for application packaging
  • Agile pipeline integration with automation and CI/CD
  • Predictive analytics: Financial Management through insight driven vendor-agnostic dashboards with prescriptive cost analytics
  • Drive cost efficiencies via shared services and flexibility of commercial models
  • Single pane highly functional portal for disaster recovery(DR) with full loop DR drills




Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Single pane view with exceptional graphical interface
  • Predictive Analytics Dashboard
  • Up to 30% cost savings with use of single console for multiple clouds, eliminating costlier cloud resources
  • Automation and AI at the heart of every operation
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