Cloud Testing

Digital transformation is driving organizations to increase the use of Cloud-based applications delivered as a IaaS, PaaS or SaaS to perform faster and reduce time-to-market. Cloud-based technologies are causing specific challenges for QA and testing function. Testing integration of services across local platforms, private clouds, and public clouds is ranked as a key digital implementation challenge.

Our cloud testing services focus on five segments:

  • Cloud Strategy and Risk Assessment: Assessing Risk and mitigating that with appropriate testing is the key to success
  • Cloud Migration Testing (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor ): Ensuring better performance , more security, most availability, and lowest risk on cloud
  • Performance Testing and Engineering: Reducing the cost on auto scale cloud infrastructure hosted application with expected user experience
  • Security and Compliance Testing: Fulfilling the industry standard compliance and most secure infra and application.
  • Multi-Tenancy Testing: Assuring secure data on multi-tenant system, No impact due to other tenant activities in terms of functionality, performance, and availability

Cloud Testing

Key Features
  • Faster time to-market
  • Reduced cost
  • Better pricing through partnership
  • Ready-to-deploy solution build with partner
  • Increase business confidence and better customer satisfaction




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Why Us ?
  • Risk identification and mitigation planning
  • Evaluation of the functionality, performance, and security of cloud migrated applications, services, and infrastructure lowering the risk of failure
  • Strategic partnerships with cloud infrastructure and device providers like Amazon to ensure your applications on cloud are certified for cloud-readiness
  • On-demand Microsoft Azure-enabled in-house cloud infrastructure and non-functional requirement (NFR) testing tools lab for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to specialists. Infrastructure can be used for performance testing, availability testing, and multi-tenancy testing
  • Ready-to-use testing toolkits comprising specialized tools, test design techniques like orthogonal array, risk-based testing framework, utilities, templates, accelerators, methodologies, process handbooks, reference architecture, and models for migration for cost optimization and high quality
  • Framework of performance testing for Duck Creek on-demand which help to jumpstart the performance validation.
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