Modernize data

There is a growing recognition that businesses today need to be increasingly ‘data driven’ to succeed. Businesses that can best utilise data are the ones that can better serve customers, out-compete their peers and increase their operational efficiency. To be data driven, businesses need to be able to access, manage, distribute and analyse all available data while it is still valuable; and to understand and harness new potential data sources – none of which is possible on legacy data systems, architectures and processes. Data modernisation, which includes offerings like Data lakes, Cloud Migration and Data Virtualization, enables faster access to data, seamless integration services, and highly scalable, flexible, and low-maintenance databases. Coforge can help power your data to deliver standout customer experience, optimize performance of assets, quicken innovation, analyze past performance and model future implications, predict and pre-empt issues before they occur, unearth market opportunities and drive workforce satisfaction, all of which drives better profitability.

Modernize your data landscape to empower business users, to take advantage of real time data generation and harness new data source :

  • An end-to-end data lake accelerator platform DLXpress for our customers, that cut down the Cost, Time & Risk associated with building Enterprise Data Lakes significantly, without compromising on Scope, Quality & Scalability
  • Leverage innovative technologies, for faster access to data, seamless data integration services, and highly scalable, flexible, and low-maintenance RDMBS, NoSQL, and Hadoop-based platforms
  • Consolidate fragmented data systems into a modern unified data landscape, resulting in greater business value from your data,
  • Move to Cost effective and scalable cloud data technologies without business disruption




Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Deep Expertise on the Technologies involved
  • Proven Methodology to reduce implmentation risk (from assessment to Go-Live)
  • Availablity of state of the art data lab to assist customers with pilots
  • An end to end open source tehcnology platform as a powerful accelerator for implementing data lake
  • Experts with significant experience
  • Network of partnerships with leading experience platform providers
  • Compelling Success Stories to tell
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