Monetize data

Possessing rich amounts of data is hardly unique in today’s digital world, where data itself is increasingly becoming a commodity. The ability to monetize data effectively — and not simply hoard it — can however, be a source of competitive advantage in the digital economy. The conditions for data monetization are ripe: massive volumes of structure and unstructured data; decreasing storage costs; data-driven marketing campaigns that create relevant customer experiences; and improving business intelligence and processes by applying data analytics. Data monetization, however, requires new processes, skills, and cultures to generate maximum returns. Companies with data-monetization experience have learned that it is insufficient to simply put data and tools into the hands of employees. Results from data monetization stem from a clear data-monetization strategy, combined with investment and commitment. What is more important is having a trusted partner with go-to market expertise in pre-built solutions and domain specialisation.

Drawing on insights through the usage of effective data visualization techniques and technologies, we assist clients in leveraging their information assets to grow existing businesses, explore new markets or offerings and building new business models.

We offer comprehensive approach to data monetization by considering different channels thus helping customers pick right business models or expand to new markets. We are a trusted data partner to our clients, offering an integrated approach considering different data monetization channels, right business models, tools, and technologies. This is supported by a proven methodology—MonetizeXpress suite (with accelerators, best practices to help build monetizable data assets, and insights for our customers).

Airline Operations
Why Us ?
  • Deep Expertise on the market leading data visualizaiton technologies
  • Large pool of trained and certified resources
  • Rich KPI library for Travel, Insurance and Investment Management domains
  • Many success stories across on premise and cloud based visualizaiton offerings
  • Partnership with leading visualization platform providers
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