Digital Process Automation

The Digital Process Automation Practice from Coforge, is powered by its two legacy subsidiaries – Incessant Technologies & RuleTek who are now part of the Coforge family. The DPA practice brings unmatched certification levels to the industry to assist global organizations to achieve their digital process automation goals and revolutionize their customer’s experience.

Reduction in time to market
Increase in gross premiums written
Automation rates
Digital Process Automation Service Offerings
Workflow / Process management
Align processes with your organization's strategic goals, design and implement process architectures, establish process measurement solutions.
Decision Management
Designing, building and managing the automated decision-making solutions that an organization uses to manage its interactions with customers
Case Management
Providing a ‘container’ for exploratory work, improving coordination and communication between people carrying out the work, providing structure for regulatory or business policy reasons.
AI and Predictive Analytics
Use data mining, statistical modelling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyse your data and make predictions about the future.
Automate your basic tasks and functions across a variety of applications, just as human workers do. RPA is designed to reduce the burden of repetitive tasks.
Case Study
Leading UK Government Agency - Response to Covid-19
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Webinar: Transforming Master Data Management for Starbucks.
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