Security & Access Management Framework

Business Challenge

  • Initial investment required for creating user management
  • User details and roles not stored in RDBMS
  • Excessive efforts for production support team for building user management reports
  • Less clarity of application user role security
  • Decentralized user management data
  • Additional testing efforts if security gets changed within the application
  • Technology specific user management data

Solution Overview

The SAM framework can be used to control the security aspects of any application within various roles. The solution provides a matrix UI for role and functionality mapping which allows the user to change the security of application functionality with one click.Key Components

1. User - The top level are users in the system that can be created by SAM Add User, Add Bulk User, Sync User functionality.

2. Role - The middle level consists of roles which can be created by SAM Add Role functionality. At this level, the SAM user can add the list of users in a role at the time of creating the role, or at a later date.

3. Functionality - The third level of the SAM application is Functionality. Functionality in SAM is the grouping of Appian components e.g. Site, Record, Report, and Action etc. Here, security can be controlled at the functionality level.This framework provides:

  • Easy way of controlling the security of the whole application through a single UI and with one click
  • Auditing of application security can be reviewed through a simple UI which non-technical users can also use
  • Through minimal changes, SAM can be used to control the security and access of any existing application

Solution Benefits

  • 360 degree view of application security
  • Controlling the security of multiple applications from a centralized location
  • Import/export of role-functionality matrix feature to simplify the work over large data set
  • SAM framework can be easily modified from its base version as per the client need
  • Users can add/remove access of functionality to the role with one click
  • Ability to mark specific functionality as default, ensuring that special access doesn’t need to be specifically configured
  • Easy to generate production support user management reports
  • Highly scalable framework which can integrate small to large Appian application with minimal changes
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