Coforge Pega Practice Overview

The Digital Process Automation Practice from Coforge, is powered by its two legacy subsidiaries – Incessant Technologies & RuleTek who are now part of the Coforge family. The DPA practice brings unmatched expertise in assisting global organizations to achieve their digital process automation goals and revolutionize their customer’s experience. With unmatched certification levels in the industry, highly experienced teams and over 300+ successful customer implementations and a suite of Pega Platform productivity solutions, we deliver significant value to customers in Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing and Travel. With our unique and combined expertise in the Pega Platform, we provide CRM, Case Management, RPA, and Decisioning solutions that transform organizations into the digital businesses of tomorrow.

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Pega Digital Transformation Practice

Pega partner for over 10 years
Largest Niche Pega Partner
One of the Highest practice Certification of any Pega Partner Globally.
Pega Certified Upgrade Partner
115+ Certified Lead System Architects (CLSAs)
Global ODC's Bangalore, Hyderabad. Nearshore – in UK, and US (Boise, Idaho)

Pega Solutions and Accelerators

Pega AI based Virtual LSA

Designed to perform a thorough review of Pega applications remotely, providing real-time suggestions to developers during the implementation cycle

RAPID – Optimize the prioritization and dispatch of work orders

Single point solution uniquely designed to optimize the prioritization and dispatch of work orders.

Integrated DevOps Suite

Enabling continuous delivery with solutions and processes that move applications quickly from development, through to testing and then rapid deployment

Pega & Blockchain Solutions

Integrate with Blockchain to support your KYC process and e-Checks

Seamlessly Manage Cases and Content

Integrated Pega Case and Content / Document Management Platform using Alfresco

Contract Management Framework

Allowing usersto intelligently assemble, publish, and orchestrate the lifecycle of use-case specific documents with ease

Pega AI Chatbot

Significantly reduce your call center waiting times with our new Pega Chatbot Service offering

Migrate to the cloud & Upgrade

Migrate to the cloud of your choice and upgrade to exploit the latest Pega Platform capabilities to the fullest with AI/ML, RPA, and CRM features alongside BPM.

SMB Assistance Loans

A flexible platform for banks to originate loans to SMB’s at scale and in compliance with changing government policies.

Insurance Smart Quote Powered by Pega AI

Increase your strike rate using data-driven analytics from Pega.

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