Alfresco Framework

Business Challenge

  • Case workers having to use separate case and document management solutions
  • Documents are required to be stored in a system of record outside the case management system
  • Duplication of authorization & security access for case data and associated documents
  • Inefficient version control & metadata management for case document
  • Manual case creation for content/document driven processes
  • Integration of case and content management systems requires significant development effort

Solution Overview

Coforge has created an integrated Pega and Alfresco content and document management platform. This solution is a Pega ruleset that has pre-built plugins for all the standard content management operations, an embedded document viewer control, a landing page for easy configuration and ready to use algorithms for seamless security synchronization. The solution can be plugged into Pega applications by following a simple 2-step configuration:

  • Install the component ruleset into the Pega environment
  • Enter the Alfresco server details & credentials into the Alfresco landing page

Following these steps, the solution automatically stores all of the uploaded documents into the Alfresco repository and no other configuration is required. The embedded document viewer control can be used by developers like any other Pega control. This can be added into sections and easily configured through the properties panel. The solution internally uses standard CMIS protocols and Alfresco REST API for connectivity.The solution also provides the following features:

  • Search document content from Pega user portal
  • Direct check-in/check-out of documents from Pega Attachments Panel in the case form
  • Embedded document viewer in the case forms
  • Creation of Pega cases when documents are added or updated through Alfresco Channels
  • Automatic document processing through Pega eForms capability
  • Seamless exchange of metadata between Pega cases and Alfresco documents

Solution Benefits

  • Out of the box case and content management platform
  • A simple 2 step configuration process
  • Increased end-user productivity with a direct document viewer, checkout/ check-in from Pega
  • Seamless user experience with an integrated content search
  • Ability to meet document specific compliance and governance requirements
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