BFSI & Travel Domain

Quantum computing has given rise to new quantum-based algorithms that out-do their classical counterparts. It is especially useful in probabilistic analysis and scenarios where there are lots of possible outcomes. It helps develop strategies for analyzing, developing, and implementing quantum techniques for B&F, Insurance, Travel, and healthcare domain.

Banking and Financial Services

Quantum computing algorithms lends itself comprehensively to corporate and mathematical finance. Quantum algorithms can value and analyze (complex) instruments, portfolios, and investments by simulating the various sources of uncertainty affecting their value and evaluate risks associated with it. 

Portfolio Management & Monte Carlo Simulations

The Monte Carlo method offers solutions to the problem by directly simulating the underlying physical process and then calculating its average result. It is especially useful for modeling the behavior of a complex system that cannot be described by a parametric function or approached analytically. It is estimated stochastically by statistical sampling. Quantum Sampling can be used to run simulations on a complex system to understand behaviors and 'identify extremities with quadratically less samples. 

The Quantum algorithmic techniques like Quantum Amplitude Amplification (QAA), Quantum Fourier Transforms (QFT), and Quantum Amplitude Estimation (QAE) drive results.

High-frequency, Automated trading 

Quantum computing has enormous potential in the field of Algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading uses complex algorithms to automatically evaluate trade options based on tens and thousands of parameters and variables. It can help build models to predict that classical computers cannot in a reasonable period given the market dynamics.

The advantages are especially significant for high-volume and high-value transactions.


The insurance sector is looking for emerging technology solutions in health insurance, automobile & property, life insurance & annuity, and re-insurance. The central concept of solutions is to maximize premiums and manage threats related to unplanned risks such as market crashes or other catastrophic events.

There is a considerable need for customized offerings based on clients' behavioral data, such as personalized insurance premiums or targeted loan offers based on a custom personalized plan for each client rather than an umbrella plan. The regulatory environment poses an operational challenge by requiring risk mitigation and strict compliance. 

Hyper-Personalization & Risk Modeling

Quantum computing can aggregate and analyze large volumes of datasets that have a large number of variables. Big data analytics, combined with suitable quantum computing algorithms, will efficiently and accurately predict outcomes, targeting individual consumers with communications tailored to their preferences, influencing consumer spending, and claim-management. 

Travel and Logistics

Smooth global supply-chains for trade finance asset management, AI augmentation with trusted decision making for logistics platforms that become logistics 'as-a-service.'

Navigation Simulation 

The logistics sector needs high computing power to handle enormous volumes of data coming in at high velocities and a high degree of variability to generate real-time signals that aid supply chain planners in decision making. Quantum computers' inherent quality of superimposing and entanglement enables it to quickly evaluate large datasets than its conventional counterpart, which takes an impractically long time. Quantum algorithms have proven to be very efficient in scenarios like these, and harnessing quantum computing power seems very viable.

The optimal routes' estimations significantly impact applications ranging from traffic management, fleet operations, and air traffic control to freight and distribution. 

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