Application Performance Management

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction to drive business growth  

During their digital transformation journey, companies adopt a complex heterogeneous application environment with the aim to deliver consistent and amazing experience across channels. In addition, third parties also host their services and direct customers to check the offerings listed for these services. The resulting complex system must be available at all times and must have instant page load and transaction functionality. 

Coforge has defined an enterprise-wide, integrated Application Health & Performance Management solution for all monitoring needs of an enterprise. The solution endeavors to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to provide an expected level of service. This helps in notifying our customers regarding performance anomalies in a timely manner and resolving issues with least impact on business. 

Coforge’s framework provides visibility across application environment and its impact on business using leading monitoring solutions that create value across the following five key areas: 

  1. Improve Agility to Reduce Time-to-Market: Deliver applications to market faster. Confidently iterate revenue-generating applications with more frequency to protect and grow revenue. 
  2. Reduce Risk during Modernization of Infrastructure and Applications: Ensure that infrastructure and application modernization efforts occur on-time, within-budget, and deliver reliable customer experience. 
  3. Reduce Operational & Development Costs: Simplify and streamline incident detection, diagnosis, and resolution process to reduce financial impact on business. 
  4. Enable Visibility across the Stack for All Teams & Stakeholders: Provide end-to-end visibility across the stack so that Dev, Ops, and Business are viewing information through a unified single-pane-of-glass. 
  5. Ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements: Provide comfort of service assurance by giving an organization control and insight into the performance of its applications, as well as confidence that the managed service provider is adding value to the engagement.
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