Data Center Consolidation

Data centers are critical infrastructure components of a business. With the number of diverse assets increasing, data centers are also growing rapidly—making it difficult for enterprises to manage. Standardization and consolidation helps in reducing data center footprints, while improving efficiency, and reducing overall cost of IT and business operations.

Coforge data center consolidation services provide a comprehensive framework that enables smooth operations with minimal risk.

Our Data center consolidation services offer:

  • Data center operations and maintenance services, which include system tape and print operations, backup and recovery processes, technical support, performance analysis and capacity planning, storage management and system security, and contingency planning
  • Planned and optimized support model for data center environment thus achieving customer’s business goals
  • High performance infrastructure that optimizes costs and streamlines business operations
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions
Key Features
  • Create strategy and plan based on client’s requirements and business objectives
  • Design and build target infrastructure elements
  • Migrate existing infrastructure/platform to industry standards
  • Upgrade existing infrastructure/platform to industry standards
  • Migrate application and data (IT services) between data centers and/or cloud
  • Provide advisory and consulting services
  • Provide business impact analysis (BIA) and business continuity planning (BCP) consulting, disaster recovery (DR) testing /drill
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Why Us ?
  • Continuous delivery with improved business SLAs to provide fit-for-purpose solutions that ensure 99.95% continuous delivery for business critical applications
  • Migration strategies aligned to clients’ business objectives, reduce and manage risks during transformation using Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for program management and risk management
  • Reduced footprints of physical servers by up to 60% through virtualization and consolidation of server estate
  • Reduction of costs by 15-30% by consolidation of cost center to strategic asset, and migration to private and hybrid cloud (CAPEX-TO-OPEX)
  • Savings of up to 20% cost by reducing time to transform and transition services
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