Data Center Operations and Management

Data Center (DC) operations and management services comprise processes that support the business environment and manage the software layer—the operating system and tools that automate and deliver efficient, uninterrupted services. Soft DC services ensure continuous delivery of IT services to businesses, a premium end-user experience, and desired business-level SLAs.

Coforge has proven expertise and global presence in providing security, resilience, and efficiency of data centers. Our offerings include:

Data center and command center operations: This focuses on services such as monitoring, incident resolution, and Level 1 support to keep the data center up and running, improving the availability of IT infrastructure. The key elements supported are servers, storage, networks, security components, OS, databases, and applications. We have the capability and experience to work with industry standard enterprise tools from CA, BMC, IBM, Solar Winds, HP and Open Source tools like Nagios, etc.

Application & Middleware Management: This covers managed application infrastructure and middleware support operations. Services include Business As Usual (BAU) support, implementation, upgrade and patching for cross-platform and open source application infrastructure and middleware platforms.

Batch job management services: This covers various aspects of the batch infrastructure stack. Services include implementing, maintaining, monitoring and controlling online batch processes and tools like TWS, CNTRL-M, etc.

System administration and management services: We provide L2/L3 support and maintenance. We also provide incident, change, and problem management for various infrastructure technology towers like Windows, UNIX, Network, Security, Storage, and Backup.

  • 24x7 centralized monitoring of health, availability, and performance of computer, network, storage, operating system, middleware, database and application infrastructure
  • L2, L3 and L4 support and capacity planning for infrastructure/platform
  • IMACD, asset management for soft layer
  • Batch job and backup monitoring and management
  • Release management, patch management
  • Improved application response time
  • No vendor lock-in and significantly reduced OEM vendor license fees
  • Reduced incidents
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Why Us ?
  • Continuous delivery with improved business SLAs with fit-for-purpose solutions to ensure 99.95% continuous delivery for business critical applications
  • Targeted achievement and maintenance of higher customer satisfaction score of 4.5/5 or more
  • Reduction of priority one and priority two tickets by up to 20% from second year onwards
  • Patch compliance of 100% for production and more than 95% for servers within 6-9 months
  • Predictable IT operations cost—fixed price and device-based pricing with defined scope
  • Agility and robustness for continuous delivery—proactive monitoring, capacity planning
  • Flexible support and pricing model—8x5/24x7 with fixed price and unit-based pricing
  • E2E SLA management—strong alliance with OEMs
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