Application Release Automation

Application Release Automation is a relatively new and rapidly evolving area that focuses on automating the application release lifecycle from build to production. It can be done through incorporation of different tools that fully automates deployment and code promotion across all environments. This increases release velocity, while reducing the risk of configuration based errors and the number of people required to manage each deployment stage.

Coforge helps organizations address critical DevOps challenges to ensure clear visibility as to how and what is being deployed and where, and who changed what. Our application release automation solution is designed to orchestrate the entire release process, ensuring better resource utilization, increased speed-to-market of applications, reduced errors and cost of application deployment, and higher quality releases.

  • Approach is based on 4 core pillars: Continuous integration, continuous validation, continuous delivery and continuous feedback
  • A well-designed release process for multiple applications and environments ensures streamlined application deployment
  • Seamless integration with third-party solutions using our comprehensive resources
  • A robust, scalable solution that can handle complex, compound releases across multiple servers and teams
  • A streamlined workflow engine that ensures quick access to reusable deployment processes
  • In-depth support of multi-tier app release that ensures that users have complete control over complex deployments across multiple applications and environments



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Why Us ?
  • Partnership with leading Application release automation expert--CA Technologies
  • Automation of release pipeline to manage application deployment and promotion
  • Streamlines and accelerates release process, reducing manual effort and errors
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved manageability, audit tracking, and compliance
  • High quality with reduced release errors
  • Reduced cost
  • Faster application release cycle
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